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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  August 30, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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looking flawless. the guest list was packed with celebrities. spotted serena williams and kathie lee gifford. then eva longoria even muammar qaddafi was on hand. [ laughter ] >> shannon: he gets around. that's it for "special report" tonight. i'm shannon bream. good night from washington. more news continues with shepard smith and fox report up next. captions by closed captioning services >> shepard: new revelations in the case of the american woman missing in aruba. tonight, what witnesses saw on the man she met on plus, irene, the disaster still building from north carolina to vermont. >> in all my years, i have never seen nothing like this. >> shepard: people in the dark for days. >> it's as bad as i have ever seen it.
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>> shepard: and now word of entire towns cut off with no food or water. tonight a rescue effort in effect as people try to recover from irene. a small plane slamming into a >> shepard: almost 10 years since the attacks of 9/11 and the feds cannot say when the suspects will go on trial. home, and it's up to some that was revealed in a letter to painters to pull the pilot to the 9/11 families. catherine herridge in d.c. safety. >> you are almost out, man. does it explain what the hold up here is, catherine. you are almost out. >> this two page letter sent to >> shepard: tonight, the heros of the backyard. the families at the end of last week is filled with a lot of plus, looking to ease traffic legalese and buried in the text is a part of the explanation for tieups by educating other the holdup. drivers. >> the left lane is for passing. the convenes authority one guy up there has got all the overseeing the trial of khalid traffic blocked up in all the lanes. sheikh mohammed and the others >> now a state lawmaker is is considering issues raised by making a move. the defense including whether >> we have a lot of people that the death penalty should be off just don't get it. the table before making a final decision, quote. >> shepard: will his idea work? the convening authority in his >> i think it's sort of an easy sole discretion is authorized to refer the charges to a military popular thing you can do that makes it seem like you are commission which would be the final step in the process prior dealing with congestion. to the initiation of the trial and the letter says there is no >> shepard: tonight, the plan to specific timetable for an put the left lane slow pokes in their place. arraignment and for some context it was in december of 2008 that but, first from fox this tuesday night, more than 2 million the five suspects tried to plead
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americans are still living guilty at guantanamo bay. without power days after hurricane irene slammed the east coast. >> shepard: what do 9/11 families have to say about that. and the utilities companies reports some people may not get >> lee eunice hanson who lost the lights back on until next week. son -- told fox there may not be happy labor day. officials say irene killed more than 40 people in a dozen stays. a trial in their lifetime. the early damage estimates are >> i don't know how many years i coming in somewhere north of have got left. i would like to see some $7 billion. >> even as we try to get a better sense of the scope of justice before i pass on. this disaster, the rescuers are still pulling people from flooded out homes in places and it's just not happening. including new jersey. it's not happening. rick leventhal on fox top story it's been nine years and nobody has been held accountable. live little falls jersey about >> we look pretty weak in that 20 miles life outside manhattan. the river there may have we can't bring these people to crested, rick. trial. >> yeah. shepard. the governor of new jersey made >> al and maureen who lost their that announcement within the last hour that they believe the son christopher a new york city firefighter on 9/11 told fox as poo sake has crested. the anniversary approaches it's painful that justice hasn't even very fast current in the street started yet what a message we behind me. you can see dozens of businesses that have been swamped. more than 500 homes in this one are giving those out to harm us. town alone are now under water. we asked a spokesman for the this is an area that floods office of military commission if
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frequently but even the mayor they had anything to add though says he has never seen it this this letter. and we'll let you know if we bad. hear anything back, shep. >> it's just really, really devastating. >> what you can do? >> we really can't do anything. we have to wait until this water >> date on the job making for recedes. we believe that it crested some incredible video. somewhere around 6:00 this morning at 14 feet 2 inches. [speaking foreign language] our normal flood stage is seven, major flood at 9. this is unprecedented. >> shepard: look out. tv reporter in china almost the damage that it's causing is washed away by a monster wave don't you know. just unfathomable. covered as she was covering an >> shepard, they hope that this water will be gone by friday. approaching tropical storm. look at that. >> shepard: is this isolated or is it all over jersey, rick? this popular tourist spot is known for the waves but not like >> yeah, yeah. it's all over this mart of the that. the wall of water was about 60 feet high. state. in fact, there were 50 rescues as far as interesting men go, today alone in the town of the russian prime minister vladimir putin was to be up patterson. there with the doseque he can 100 yesterday in the county. we have police officers going out in boats and plucking people out of their homes that are surrounded by water. including elderly and infants. bend steel pans. there was a levee that burst in now he is hopping on an iron horse. surprisingly with a shirt on. one town. and the town of fairfield could putin's latest stunt coming up. be under water for a week or so. plus, first, sad sad news to still, shepard, more than report from music world and the
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200,000 people in new jersey alone without power tonight. end of an err ravment david >> shepard: rick leventhal live honey boy edwards who is tonight in new jersey. thanks. believed to be the very last of north carolina's governor saying the original delta blues men has today that irene destroyed more died. than 1100 homes in her state he was born in shaw, mississippi, in 1915. alone. this 100-year-old cottage in poor as the day is long. nags head was among them. the sob of a share crimestopper. this is the before picture. grandson of a slave. here is the new normal. at 17, honeyboy started playing it's just splinters on the beach now after irene came through. music professionally. over the years he plucked his the cottage owner's sat on the guitar alongside the likes of steps of the ruined home, the great robert johnson as well daughter, wife, dad, they say as hallen wolf and muddy watters they were pretending the home was still right behind them. just to name a few. in the 40s, after years of i spoke with the owner bill hopping boxcars from gig to gig, stenson earlier on "studio b." he said he didn't know anything honey boy moved to chicago and later put out his first album. was wrong after the storm and then he got a call from the just last year he got a lifetime neighbor. >> he called me at 7:30, the achievement award at the grammys next morning, just as i was pulling in to harris teeter, and and until recently he was still playing some 70 shows a year. david honeyboy edwards dead today at 96 [ jon ] up in alaska, we find the best sweetest crab [crying] >> all he could say was, it's gone. >> shepard: we're told the home was 108 years old. listed on the national register of historic places.
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it was apparently one of the for red lobster we can find. very first vacation cottages [ male announcer ] hurry into cbfest that anyone bill of indictment for 3 crab entrees under $20 indictment -- built in nags likour crab and seafood bake... head, north carolina. orur snow crab and crabutter shrimp. how the vermont national guard offer ends soon. is air lifting supplies to towns my name's jon forsythe cut off from the rest of the and i sea food differently. country. that's the top story at the bottom of the hour minutes from now. first, the president claims the plan he is unveiling could help create as many as a million jobs. tonight, we're learning more about what that plan may be. the president says the country has taken steps in the right direction. but we have a lot more to do. >> our economy has to grow whether it can be done safely and responsibly. faster. we have to create more jobs. we have to do it faster. at exxonmobil we know the answer is yes. when we design any well, most of all, we have got to the groundwater's protected by multiple layers of steel and cement. break the gridlock in washington that's been preventing us from most wells are over a mile and a half deep so there's a taking the action we need to get this country moving. tremendous amount of protective rock >> shepard: we got more bad news on the economy today. between the fracking operation and the groundwater. consumer confidence plunged this month a two year low. natural gas is critical to our future. the group that keeps track of it, the conference board points at exxonmobil we recognize the challenges and how important it is out the survey came after the downgrade of the u.s. credit to do this right. rating and those heavy losses on wall street. still, economists were
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predicting a smaller drop. wendell goler is at the white house. how does the president's plan create a million jobs, wendell? >> well, shep, we're told the plan will contain a combination of tax cuts, extended unemployment benefits and infrastructure spending projects. the press secretary jay carney says middle of the road nonpartisan economists will agree job creating. carney told reporters on board air force one on the way to minneapolis today the plan will be, quote, a combination of things that in a world less driven bipartisan politics would it's high time to make our floor garner broad bipartisan support. look better and feel softer. but in the current highly ♪ how 'bout we start partisan environment, in which th the guaranteed low price on the carpet... republicans are so determined to cut the deficit, they are the pad, and installation. let's get peace of mind for a lifetime. demanding the costs of hurricane it all adds up to the lowest total price irene be offset in other on our carpet project. government spending. guaranteed. and a room that looks better than we ever imagined. unlikely to give the president the significant tools he needs more saving. more doing. for job creation. that's the power of the home depot. >> shepard: we are already get 12 months special financing on carpet purchases getting reviews on the plan on capitol hill right as is washington's way. >> we are as washington's way.
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democrats urging him to go bold [ dr. ling ] i need to get the results from the m.r.i. some feel the 180 billion-dollar stimulus plan in 2009 wasn't see if the blood work is ready. review ms. cooper's history. bold enough. no suggestion we will hear anything approaching that scale and i want to see katie before e goes home. next week. republicans have their own proposal to roll back government [ male announcer ] with integrated healthcare solutions from dell, regulations, primarily epa every patient file is where dr. ling needs it. regulations and also cut taxes on small business. heritage foundation economists now she can spend more time with patients j.d. foster says maybe the and less time onaperwork. government should do nothing for a change. ♪ >> the economy can heal what it dell. the power to do more. really needs is for washington to just back off. stop announcing new ideas. looking for the latest nostrem to turn things around. give the economy some clarity, some certainty, and it will recover. >> foster says so far stimulus spending, monetary policy and extended unemployment benefits haven't worked. shepard? >> shepard: wendell goler on the north lawn tonight. thanks. it's now been a week since those rebels in libya stormed the compound of muammar qaddafi and discovered he wasn't there. today, a former guard of one of qaddafi's sons told our sister
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network sky news of the united kingdom that the was in tripoli >> shepard: the russian prime minister never ceases to amaze. as recently as this past friday. and the man of many talents is apparently at it again. the guard claims on that day he rode into his latest venture qaddafi packed up and headed on a harley with its abiker south. nobody seems to know exactly where. gang. rebel leaders today said they obviously. our man of action, the prime are giving him until this saturday to surrender. minister vladimir putin straddling a three wheeler and however, the rebels say they leading the night wolves don't know where some of the qaddafi family members are in the neighbors north african motorcycle club through the streets. this was last night in russia. nation of al gear are a. you may remember some of his the rebels want the algerian other stunts, like that shirtless horseback riding thing government to send them back to two summers ago through libya so wife daughter and two sons can stand trial. siberia's pristine wilderness, that, though, may take a while apparently one of many ways to because al jeez doesn't show some skin. recognize these rebels and there is he bare chested again because qaddafi's daughter today on the mats, schooling some guy with his judo black belt stuff. reportedly gave birth to a baby now for a softer less revealing girl. dominic di-natale in tripoli side of putin dressed to impress tonight with the latest. and singing at a charity concert dominic? >> shep, the rebels here in for children with cancer. our man of action vladimir. tripoli and across the entire coast line are ready to besiege speaking of charity, the british soccer team arsenal is now the city of sirte. paying its remaining fans to that is qaddafi's hometown. come back for a game after they have given him ultimatum of three days saying get out or we
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will effectively annihilate you. rivals manchester united one commander we spoke to defeats. described the moment as zero destroyed arsenal 8 goals to the hour, he said. troops in the east and west two over the weekend. ready to bear down in a movement manchester. and take you all out. offering the 3,000 fans who traveled to that disgusting qaddafi said perhaps we can match three tickets for. negotiate a power transfer but it has not leaked eight goals in the rebels are saying no, it's definitely time for you to leave a single game since 1896. and move on. you were talking about our sister network sky news. before we go, our team's top talking to one of the rebel five things of the day, number guards. he said qaddafi was seen heading five, lawyers for drew peterson, for the southern city of sab ba the former illinois cop who just and that rebels intend to lay kept losing his wives say he should get out of jail because siege though that city as well. prosecutors are delaying his trial. they believe he will either be number four, officials say the found in is a ba or home turn convicted polygamist cult leader, isn't he looking good there. warren jeffs should recover after he apparently tried to the sirte. qaddafi has given the rebels a star himself. police in california plane slip many times before. the rebels have been wrong in their predictions. crashed into a backyard of a but they say once it were is home. muammar qaddafi's wife and three taken and sirte is taken, he of his children returned home will have even fewer places left from neighboring siberia to stand trial. number one, soldiers in vermont
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to hide and that's when they believe they will get him. delivering food and water by back to you. chop tore people stranded by floodwaters after irene. >> shepard: dominic di-natale that storm has now killed 42 streaming live in tripoli this morning. painters working on a home in people across 12 states and california when they saw a plane that's "the fox report's" top moving right at them. five. they moved off the sidewalk and the plane crashed and they raced to help. on this day in 18963. [shouting] president kennedy became the >> thank you, guys. first commander and chief to >> you are okay, man. have a phone line directly to you are almost there. >> shepard: coming up, the men who risked their own lives to the kremlin in moscow. pull the pilot from the a hotline. a phone line to prevent any wreckage. plus, new clues in the case of misunderstanding that could lead to a nuclear war. the american woman who there was a good reason to disappeared in aruby da. worry. just ahead, we will hear what a year earlier during the cuban witnesses say they noticed about the suspect in this case from missile crisis the plagued by the journalists of fox news. this is a tuesday fox report. out front 12 years and county. ep to dc twice as fast! oh hi! we get double miles every time we use our card. and since double miles add fast... one more chariot please. ...we can bring the whole gang! i cannot tell a lie. he did it. right...
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it's high time to make our floor look better and feel softer. ♪ how 'bout we start th the guaranteed low price on the carpet... the pad, and installation. let's get peace of mind for a lifetime. it all adds up to the lowest total price on our carpet project. guaranteed. and a room that looks better than we ever imagined. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. get 12 months special financing on carpet purchases >> there were scratches on his throat and there was blood on the beach. that from witnesses they just told police about the prime suspect in the disappearance of the american woman in aruba.
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you may recall this woman 35-year-old robyn gardner went missing earlier this month. she went on vacation with a man she reportedly met online. that man gary gore gee dan know. shorts were dry despite the fact that he said they had just been in the ocean. that woman told the police she thought it was strange that giordano was acting so calm. the scratches on his neck appeared to come from a fingernail. he is due back in court tomorrow. a student pilot in california is on the mend in a hospital after he crashed a single engine cessna directly into a backyard into a house in santa monica. his rescue caught on cell phone camera. look at this. >> shepard: more water. you can see the pilot was stuck
4:15 pm
upside down with his bloodied legs trapped in the wreckage. a crew of house painters was there to yank him out. as it turns out the painters say they saw the plane wobbling in the sky and coming in low and clipping a tree and almost slamming right into them in that very place except they stepped aside at the last second. trace gallagher is in l.a. what more do we know about what caused this crash, shep. >> not much. the ntsb is still investigating. shortly after takeoff there was some type of problem because he decided to go back to the airport and land. right as he was about to land, he decided to go around for another pass so he began taking off again. that's when he lost control of the plane and then it crashed. shear witness, listen. >> the plane started doing this then it banked to the right and went into the trees it looked
4:16 pm
like, it went down and disappeared and that was it. this was 197372. the nbc is now checking the maintenance records and talking with the air traffic controllers to try to figure out exactly what happened here, shep. >> plane crashes into a backyard and hits and kills nobody. they are lucky. >> it is kind of a double stroke of luck. those parents are right in that area -- painters are in that area where the plane crashed. you look at this fuselage, the wreckage here, it's bad. the fuselage bent in half. the wings are peeled down. you can tell it's a high impact crash. some witnesses who thought it might have glanced off the trees that might have slowed it down and saved the pilot's life. listen now to more of this rescue. [shouting] >> they are coming.
4:17 pm
they are coming. just rest. just lay down. very difficult to listen to that pilot scream. he broke his leg. is he going to be fine. some painters got some minor injuries, shep. really amazing it wasn't a lot worse. >> shepard: trace gallagher los angeles tonight, thanks. americans are getting ready to mark a decade since the attacks of 9/11 and the white house sending out its own guidelines for the ceremonies. like what officials should and should not say. we are live in d.c. with the details. plus, dramatic new information about congresswoman gabriel giffords recovery. her staffers telling us exactly how far she has come since that gunman shot her in the head and why she called her original rehab plan wimpy. that's next.
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>> congresswoman gabriel giffords said to be showing significant progress in recovering from that gunshot wound to the head an aid says the congresswoman understands everything and is able to communicate three and four word sentences. he tells the arizona star -- i should say arizona daily star newspaper that she declared her rehab plan too wimpy and came up with something more challenging. we are told she does not have full use of her right side but a spokeswoman says the 41-year-old lawmaker no longer needs a cane to walk. here she is on the house floor earlier this month voting on the debt bill. only public appearance since the deadly shooting last january. police say jared loughner shot her point blank in the face. then opened fire on a crowd of people killing six,and injuring 12 others. according to a new court document today, doctors say this
4:22 pm
guy is still not mentally competent to stand trial. the court heard arguments on whether prison officials should be able to force loughner to take antipsychotic drugs. lawyer says a judge should be able to make that decision. in less than two weeks the nation will mark 10 years since the attacks of 9/11. and the white house confirms it's come up with guidelines for how government officials should handle the remembrances. james rosen live in d.c. james? >> shep, good evening. the two sets of talking points that the white house issued urged u.s. officials to, quote, minimize their references to al qaeda. first reported in the "new york times." these guidelines said the killing of usama bin laden has made the terror network behind 9/11 quote increasingly irrelevant. the p.r. effort seeks to deemphasizing we honor all victims of around the world whether new york deli belfast, lahore or london. >> primarily to ensure that
4:23 pm
embassies are marking the event, that they are having joint events in their host country to stand together against terrorism and ensure that the day is marked appropriately internationally. >> the bush administration issued press guidance on the second and fifth anniversaries of 9/11 but these new guidelines included this point for u.s. diplomats serving abroad. a chief goal of our communications is to present a positive, forward-looking narrative. >> i think the fact that you would actually instruct government officials to speak differently about 9/11 simply based on where they are standing is not just insulting to american audiences and to foreign audiences, but, again, i think it's a little bit of a window into how they look at national security issues. >> on the day itself, president obama will visit all three of the 9/11 memorial sites then return here to d.c. to speak at an interfaith service and concert at the national
4:24 pm
cathedral, shep. >> shepard: james rosen live on capitol hill tonight. james, thank you. new fallout from operation fast and furious. investigators say the government program sent thousands of guns to mexico. remember that? they hoped to track them. that didn't work out. it, quote, got people killed. tonight, the justice department reports the head of the bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms is resigning. but some republicans say they are not happy that kenneth mel son is getting another job in the department. the feds say the u.s. attorney in arizona dennis burke is also resigning in his office's involvement in that program. no word on whether he is getting another government job. we know nearly 14 million americans are out of work. we know the president and many lawmakers keep talking about job creation. wait until you hear how many company recruiters are complaining they have jobs but can't find people to fill them. the numbers are staggering ahead in a live report. plus, lots of parents worry about paying for the kid's college. turns out a bigger expense could
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come before they even ditch the diapers. where day care costs more than a college degree. that and bottom of the hour headlines straight away.
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>> shepard: a scaling report out from federal investigators on a deadly pipeline explosion in northern, california. they blame it on a, quote, litani any of failures by utility company pacific gas and electric or pse and g.
4:29 pm
the blast last year in the september incinerated a neighborhood outside san francisco. killed eight people. investigators say the gas line was, quote, woefully inadequate when pg arched e first installed in the 1950s. they missed a faulty weld and it reports they missed other opportunities to fix problems in its pipeline system. the explosion left enormous crater and destroyed more than 50 homes. investigators say it was not a question of if this pipeline was burst but was a question of. when the ncaa today suspended eight players on the miami hurricanes football team. and ordered them to pay up over a scandal ethics posed massive rule breaking. you'll recall a convicted ponzi schemer claimed for years he lavished gifts on members of the hurricane's football and basketball teams. among the gifts, money, cars, sex with prostitutes, an abortion for a stripper with whom one athlete reportedly had sex. the ncaa issued fines as high as
4:30 pm
$1,200 to some those players and ordered them to sit out as many as six games. i'm shepard smith. this is "the fox report." it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. national guard troops now floo flying helicopter air lifts for survivors of hurricane irene. when that storm hit vermont over the weekend it washed away so many roads that entire towns are now cut off from the rest of the state. and now it's up to the vermont national guard to get supplies to people who find themselves stranded. "the fox report's" chief correspondent jonathan hunt monitoring developments tonight, a lot of folks are cut off here. >> shep, around a dozen towns are still completely and utterly inaccessible by road in vermont. another 8 or 10 so are only accessible by national guard vehicles. doing food drops now for anybody stuck in those towns. some 20,000 are still without power and the power company says
4:31 pm
at least a week before they could restore power across the entire state. vermont is in very bad shape, shep, still has a lot of cleaning up to do. >> shepard: man, the stories coming out of all of, this john that is just awful. >> some real tragedy, shep. one story, michael delaware fan know, a long time city employee at the rutland water treatment center in vermont, he went out to check on the treatment plant in the middle of the storm. he took his 24-year-old son with him. they were driving along the river. the bank apparently gave way and according to eyewitnesses, they had no chance, listen. i looks looked out there, there was a set of taillights. they had no chance. tried yelling. it was no good. the river was such a roar it was unreal. that's the last i seen of it. we searched for, i don't know, two hours. we looked and looked. it's sad, very sad. >> some uplifting stories though too, shep, including a couple who got married at a rustic inn
4:32 pm
in vermont on saturday that inn now completely cut off from the rest of the world in this small town but the now married couple and their 60 wedding guests have been helping out by helping elderly residents dig out the mud from their homes, et cetera. there are some stories of people helping each other. quite a way to spend your honeymoon, shep. >> shepard: i say. jonathan hunt, thank you. we are seeing some of irene's destruction through the ices of our viewers. many of you sent in photos including more proof how bad it is in parts of vermont. this mangled mess of asphalt was once part of route 7 in rutland. one of hundreds of roads the storm destroyed as it tore up the coast. in wyndham, south of albany in upstate, new york. a viewer tells us the torrential river used to be a tiny creek that ran under the bridge. no longer the case. hurricane winds pushed down a ton of trees. in annapolis, maryland, one of
4:33 pm
them sliced right through the center of this home. can you still be a part of our irene aftermath coverage go to and go to u report to upload your videos. jobs ahead of the new plan he will announce next week. it appears a lot of business does have openings and can't fill them. a new survey from the staffing firm manpower group found more than half of u.s. companies report having trouble finding qualified workers for important jobs. that's way up from 14% a year ago. it comes despite the high unemployment rate, which has hovered near 10% for almost two years. john roberts with the news live tonight in atlanta. john? >> shep, it seems difficult to believe but there are thousands of jobs out there that companies just can't find people to fill. peoples like mgs manufacturing in german town, wisconsin. they make high end injection holded plastics, in addition to machine operators. they need various skilled labor
4:34 pm
machinists and tool makers to make those do is to make the plastics. to compete with china. compete with innovation and technology to make more cheaper than they can in china. how difficult is it to find people? listen to what their director of hr told me. >> how difficult is it to find people of this skill level? >> very difficult. so difficult that if we came across the right candidate whether we had an opening or not, we would take them. >> whether they had an opening or not they would take that person and give them a job. they are worried that most of their very skilled labor is in their upper 40s, early 50s. as they age and retire, there is nobody to replace them with why is there no one to replace them with? because not enough people are going to these technical schools or to universities and learning technical skills. part of the reason why is people still think manufacturing in america is all molten steel banging out parts and bending metal. it's high tech stuff now. it's things you need engineering degree for or two year technical
4:35 pm
college degree. what the president has to do according to jeff, the ceo of manpower is to restore the pride we had in america about putting the made in america stamp on what we make. listen to what jaris told me. >> bringing that honor and self-esteem back to into manufacturing is what the president should be talking about, leaders should be talking about and we should be training for. >> in fact, he said that parents are to blame partly as well, shep. you are at a cocktail party. do you want to say oh my child is going to brown university or my child is in a technical college. what's really proud for a parent to say is my son or daughter has a job, shep. >> shepard: i will say; john roberts live in atlanta. speaking of college, do you think tuition has gotten out of hand? have you checked out the cost of child care lately? according to a new report in the 36 states you see here, the average annual cost of infant day care is more than tuition and fees in a public college. 36 states.
4:36 pm
places like new york and d.c. it can be double. the studdie's author say the rising costs are forcing some families to make difficult decisions like whether it would be cheaper for one parent to quit work and stay home with the kids. molly henneberg in d.c. tonight. why the increased costs this year? >> organizers of the study say it's reflection of increased labor and food prices and other costs of doing business for day care centers. part of the study looked at the least affordable states for infant day care. and centers based on a state's median income. these were the 10 least affordable states. they note that washington, d.c. in particular was up more this year than in the past full time infant care. 650 to mississippi to 18,000ness d.c. shep? in the middle of tough times, you know?
4:37 pm
>> families are having to get more creative in these turbulent economic times. here is more on that. split the child care by going to one parent working during the day and one working nights. >> smith also says a lot of families are having to dip into their savings to cover child care costs. shep? >> shepard: molly henneberg in washington. thank you. two of the top republican contenders for president are caught up in a bit of a personal feud. we will show you how it started with the boy scouts next from america's election headquarters. plus, a plan to crack down on slow driving lane hogs. my goodness. have you been on the long island expressway lately? the left lane is for passing. the right lane is for exiting. the center lane is for traveling. come on. >> if there is cars behind you that want to pass, you shouldn't be the traffic cop, get out of
4:38 pm
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>> shepard: one candidate for the g.o.p. election in 2012 is moving on the home turf. mitt romney spending the day in texas home state of governor rick perry who just climbed to the top of recent g.o.p. polls. governor perry attending fundraisers in dallas and fort worthwhile earlier today governor romney spoke to a convention in santonio the same one governor perry just addressed yesterday. >> now, i'm a conservative businessman. i spent most of my life outside politics, dealing with real problems in the real economy. career politicians got us into this mess and they simply don't know how to get us out. >> shepard: keep in mind governor perry has held public office in texas for almost 30 years.
4:42 pm
campaign carl cameron live on capitol hill. this is actually i guess a long standing rivalry here, karl. >> yeah, they have known each other for a long time. it's true that romney has campaigned for perry when he was running for re-election in governor. both sides way too much is being made of this. it's kind of delicious. they haven't exchanged words particularly when romney governor's association and hired a strategist that romney objected to. background could hardly be more different. personalities are different. perry grew up and worked on a farm went to texas a&m and ran for office. mitt romney got nba harvard and capitalism. this says it all. romney was a very popular governor of massachusetts. one of the most liberal states country. perry is a popular governor in texas, one of the most conservative. >> shepard: seem to have a beef over the boy scouts scouts, carl. >> they do. rick perry is an eagle scout. he wrote a book about the boy
4:43 pm
scouts back in 2008 when, by the way perry endorsed giuliani instead of romney. in the book perry suggests when romney ran the olympics back in 2000 2, the scouts wrngt allowed to volunteer at it and perry suggested romney agreed with the scouts controversial policy of not allowing gay scout mas errs. romney shrugged it off saying volunteers required to be 18 years old. scouts old enough were allowed to volume teemplet the thing about this, shep, two candidates not liking each other. how about barack obama vs. hillary or bill clinton. george w. bush vs. mccain or mccain vs. the entire field in 2008 or dean in 2004. perry and romney don't like each other very much. politics is a beanie -- bean bag. a.a.a. reports one in every 10 americans will be traveling more than 50 miles from home. and it's a safe bet some of them will be in your way.
4:44 pm
often in the left lane, going the same speed as the car in the center lane. which is going the same speed as the car in the right lane, which is raising blood pressure and causing potential harm to others. that left lane is for passing. passing. state of california makes it really simple. they number the lanes in the driver's handbook. if you are a regular driver you stay in the 2 lane. if you are a slower drive you stay in the 3 lane. they seem to get it. there aren't many reminders of that in the rest of the real world. so how about giving all those road hogs in the left lane a refresher. or maybe a ticket. >> one guy up there has got all the traffic blocked off in all the lanes. and somebody is going to get upset and start weaving in and out of traffic. >> shepard: michael bennet says he gets frustrated when stuck behind slower traffic. >> we have a lot of people who just don't get it and that's a problem. >> unlike the rest of us, bennett can do something about it is he a state senator who
4:45 pm
wants florida to join the handful of states that allow police to ticket drivers for going too slowly in the left lane. >> instead of building new lanes and new miles, new interstates, maybe if we could get the traffic to flow smoother we wouldn't have to be building those extra lanes. >> shepard: plan would penalize drivers at this guy even though is he going at the maximum speed limit. senator bennett a lot of people don't realize they shouldn't impedes the flow of traffic. >> if we would educate and put signs up there. >> shepard: educate drivers on the number one, number two and three lane. the one lane is for passing other cars. the two lane for driving at normal speeds. and the three lane for slower vehicles or for exiting. but on always clogged roads like new york's long island expressway. drivers who hold up passing cars are only a small part of the overall issue. >> they exacerbate the problem but they are much more a symptom of it than they are a source. >> michael manville is a professor of city and regional
4:46 pm
planning at cornell university. he says the only proven method to cut congestion is to impose fees for using roadways during peek hours and he insists cracking down on left lane slow pokes doesn't cut it? >> it's sort of an easy popular thing can you do that makes it seem like you are dealing with congestion without doing the hard work of putting a price on driving and really solving the problem. >> shepard: the way senator bennett sees it, all some drivers need is a reminder. >> just educate the people. if we can get a little publicity. people get stopped a few times, get the warning a few times, do i believe the traffic will move to the right and we'll increase the flow of traffic. >> shepard: senator bennett, here here. he has been pushing for this for a while, actually. he has proposed the bill three times. once it made it all the way to the governor's desk. but the former governor jeb bush vetoed the thing. support for his plan is growing as the traffic there gets worse. [speaking foreign language]
4:47 pm
>> shepard: it can be hard out there for a reporter. we will show you what happened to her next. plus, families of the victims of 9/11 still have no idea when they will see justice. reaction from one relative ahead as fox reports live tonight. yet easy to use trading tools on the planet. it's investing with intelligence and cold hard conviction. e-trade. investing unleashed. with aerizon mobile hotspot, you can connect up to 5 wifi devices to the internet with lightning-fast verizon 4g lte speed. a gaming device. mp3 pler.
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